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Hidden Door

About Hidden Door

Hidden Door is a game technology studio using machine learning to build the future of immersive entertainment. Our mission is to inspire creativity through play with narrative AI. Our first product is a social roleplaying game platform that turns any work of fiction into an infinite narrative multiverse.

Our underlying technology is built on extensible proprietary models of language and art, based on millions of stories. Through its APIs, developers can build online experiences for players to interactively co-create adventures, while adhering to rigorous content and safety standards. In the future, creators will be able to automatically adapt their existing works for the platform through our marketplace.

About the Game

When you encounter a fictional world you love, you can’t help but imagine… what if? What if you could be anyone, go anywhere, make it your own? To expand on the original creator’s work, bringing your own creativity to take it in new directions? And where you’ve got help, from your friends and a system that magically improvises along with you.

That’s what we’re building here at Hidden Door – technology that will transform how we interact with our favorite worlds, where anyone can be the hero of their own stories. Our first product is an online story-driven roleplaying game, where groups of friends can conjure characters and improvise adventures, together with authors and other creators.

With the vibe of a tabletop roleplaying game — including a playful narrator, your "AI Dungeon Master" — and styled as interactive graphic novels, you'll experience endless adventures together with a host of responsively generated NPCs, items, and locations. In a future release, you'll be able to collect, trade, and share elements of your stories to remix into new worlds and stories.


Founded in 2020 by Hilary Mason and Matt Brandwein, we're proud to be backed by Makers Fund, Northzone, Betaworks, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Homebrew, and angels Dan Sturman (CTO of Roblox) and Joshua Schacter (founder of

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  • Hilary Mason, Co-founder, CEO
  • Matt Brandwein, Co-founder, Product
  • Brianna McHorse, Engineering Manager
  • Chris Foster, Game Director
  • Ryan Micallef, Research Engineer
  • Chris Wallace, Software Engineer
  • Amber Cook, Marketing Director
  • Dominic Dagradi, Software Engineer
  • Brady Forrest, Advisor