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A mapmaker player character

You approach the wall cautiously. It seems to emanate an aura of mysterious magic that you don’t recognize.

You touch the uneven surface with your index finger, trying to decipher the old stonework.

Outlines start to appear, glowing in a pale, purple light.

It’s a door! The stones start to disappear, revealing a path in the ancient wall. You’re unable to see where it leads, but something tells you this path will take you to many adventures, and many friends.

Unable to manage your excitement, you run through the open passage.

We’re making games that spark infinite stories

If you can imagine it, you can play it. Embark on weird, scary, romantic or even totally non-weird adventures with our adventure creator.

Bring your friends, or don’t. Stay true to the lore of the world. Or turn the whole world completely upside down. Or turn it into bread. It’s your universe, so you can do whatever floats your boat, even if that’s not water, but a sea of magic mead. It’s up to you.

Because Hidden Door gives you the worlds, tropes, mechanics, cards, visuals, and of course the always-on narrator. But what kind of universe you create is totally up to you and your friends.

Wizard of Oz


Pride & Prejudice

Coming soon

We’re making games that can be played in any world

Most of us have dreamt of going on adventures in our favorite fictional worlds. We’ve thought of what we can do there, who we’d be, and all the things that we’d do to make the world ours.

Hidden Door lets you embark on epic adventures in your favorite worlds. Our prototype uses the Wizard of Oz and Pride & Prejudice, but there’s much more to come.

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