If you can imagine it, you can play it.

Hidden Door is the place for fans to discover and play together in their favorite worlds.

Imagine a roleplaying experience inspired by tabletop games, where you jump into the familiar worlds of the books, movies, and shows you love. Where you can be anyone and try anything that’s true to the world. Where you can play online with your friends anytime, anywhere, even when your busy schedules don’t line up.

All worlds on Hidden Door are officially licensed. We work directly with our content partners to adapt their creations into infinitely playable fan experiences. From global IP franchises to beloved novels, we want to play it on Hidden Door.

This is not another AI company. Our technology is a unique architecture that provides quality, safety, and creative control. We never train language models on source material. Instead, we take a different approach, creating immersive stories that give players complete agency within the bounds of the creator’s vision and each world’s “laws of physics.”

We can't wait to see what you'll imagine together.

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