Five Great Story Games

by Amber Cook

Games have the ability to tell some of the most captivating and emotional stories, immersing players in worlds filled with characters that they come to care about. Whether you're a fan of action-adventure, puzzle-solving, or farming simulators, there's a story-driven game out there that can capture your imagination. That’s what we’re building at Hidden Door, so we play a lot of games to see what works whether in our team’s weekly game club or on our own. I asked the team for some of their favorite story games to share with you:

1. Florence

Florence, from Mountains & Annapurna — A brief but meaningful narrative game where you follow Florence through her daily routine with minigame mechanics as she meets, falls in love, and grows apart from a new boyfriend. You can feel the inspiration from graphic novels, and the story arc feels meaningful. Suggested by Chris, Game Design.

2. Knights of San Francisco

Knights of San Francisco, from Raindead — A 90 minute game that's a little bit tabletop RPG, a little bit interactive fiction, and a little bit Fallout. It’s designed nicely for mobile, with a banging soundtrack. Suggested by Lou, Engineering.

3. Firewatch

Firewatch, from Campo Santo — A beautiful mystery game where you’re piecing together a narrative through exploration and your only contact with the world is your boss, Delilah, on a handheld radio. Suggested by Chris, Engineering.

4. Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney, from Capcom — You can dive into 20 years of Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth content across many titles. You’ll be battling it out in the courtroom, investigating mysteries, following side stories, and honing your debate skills along the way. Suggested by Daniel, Art.

5. I was a Teenage Exocolonist

I was a Teenage Exocolonist, from Northway Games — You’re playing as a teenager on an alien planet, and making choices throughout a branching story with excellent characters and replay value. Suggested by Evelyn, Engineering.

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