Announcing our character creation bot!

by Matt Brandwein

Hello storytellers!

While our team is tinkering with the full Hidden Door experience, today we’re excited to share a little piece of that with our community: A new character creator bot for Discord!

For anyone who loves tabletop adventures, writing, roleplaying games — or Halloween costumes! — making up characters is half the fun. We often use all kinds of online random character generators for inspiration, so we thought, why not make one of our own, with a taste of the fun and surprise we’re building into our game?

So we teamed up with our friends at Discord, and a few weeks later, you can now get started crafting fun and distinctive characters over in our server’s ✨ "character-generator" ✨ channel. Make as many as you like, then show off your favorite creations to pals, fellow gamers, or the Discord community effortlessly!

Examples of community-generated cards

For now, characters all hail from the wonderful world of Oz. But hold onto your hats — this is just the beginning! As we add other captivating and lively worlds to Hidden Door, each with its own diverse cast of characters, you’ll see those extend to the bot as well. Think of this as an initial preview of endless possibilities to come.

Be sure to stay tuned for future updates as we both expand the character customization capabilities of the bot, more delightful art, and more worlds to play in.

Ready to dive in? Join us in Discord!