Senior UX/UI Designer

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We're looking for an experienced UX/UI designer to shape interactive systems, create high-fidelity concepts, and help our engineers implement them.

Hidden Door is a game technology studio building the first narrative AI — a platform that transforms any work of fiction into an infinite social roleplaying experience, bringing together players, authors and other creators.

Role overview

We're looking for a talented UX/UI designer to join our team! In this role, your primary goal will be helping craft a game that feels and looks amazing to our player community. Your experience and attention to detail will help you find elegant and practical solutions to tricky design problems at the intersection of social apps, games, and AI.

Success for this role means:

  • our product has a strong and consistent design philosophy with rules and systems that can be extended to new areas
  • our prototyping velocity increases as game design and development can focus on mechanics and systems
  • you help the team integrate proposed ideas, and can speak to tradeoffs between scope, experience, accessibility, and aesthetics
  • players can quickly understand and play the game

Please note: This position is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Things you'll do:
  • Help define and hold the vision for our overarching UX and UI systems
  • Sometimes work on very broadly defined, loose concepts, and sometimes on narrowly defined, tactical features
  • Produce low fidelity wireframes for various features and systems
  • Define and design high fidelity UIs that align with art direction
  • Create and maintain a UI component system that can adapt to content changes over time
  • Define animation guidelines for how various UIs transition between states and screens
  • Balance between the ever-evolving live aspects of the game and relatively more static user onboarding and content discovery experiences
  • Consider all parts when crafting the experience: from copy to animation to business impact
  • Participate in or lead UX research, including live playtests

About you

We'd love to meet if you have:
  • A passion for and in-depth knowledge of UX and UI design, with the ability to articulate concepts effectively
  • Profound understanding of visual hierarchy, layout design, and usability principles
  • A keen interest in making high fidelity UIs that delight players
  • A passion for product design that extends beyonds video games
  • Strong Figma expertise
  • An online portfolio with mobile app or web design samples
  • Experience participating in or leading user research sessions
And it'd be ideal if you also have:
  • Experience in UX/UI design for live service games or social apps
  • Experience working in a rapid prototyping/preproduction environment
  • Experience working on a wide variety of platforms, including web and mobile
  • Illustration and/or motion graphics experience
  • Familiarity with accessibility design and its implementation in video games or social apps

Other things to know

  • We're a small, distributed international team with shared core working hours centered around Eastern US Time.
  • We love getting together IRL! Our team meets up quarterly, often internationally, for planning and fun. We also regularly gather ~1x/month in NYC for jam sessions on product, game design, marketing, and more. Expect adventure 🚀
  • This is a startup! As an early employee, you’ll play a role in shaping the company as well as the product.
  • We value curiosity, creativity, and diverse perspectives. Successful teammates here tend to be kind, experienced folks who care deeply about craft but are also highly pragmatic.
  • We strongly encourage candidates from under-represented or non-traditional backgrounds to apply.


🥇 The base salary range for this role is $125,000 - $155,000, plus competitive equity
  • 🏝️ Unlimited vacation (required minimum: 1 week per quarter)
  • 🩺 100% medical, dental, and vision for employees, and family coverage
  • 💪🏻 Reproductive and gender-affirming care benefit
  • 💵 $1,000 annual home office budget ($2,000 your first year)
  • 💜 Work with authors and artists
  • 🙈 No NFTs or crypto

How to apply

Please apply here ! It will ask you to provide a resume or LinkedIn profile, tell us a bit about yourself, and share a story about something you've built that you're proud of and how it makes you a good fit for this opportunity. If you run into any issues, just email us.


Our goal is to get to know each other and your background, learn how you think and work, and see if we are a good mutual fit.

  • Phone screen(s) with the hiring manager and another member of the team. We’ll talk about your background, what you’re looking for, and how you work.
  • Short (paid, ~4 hour) design take-home where you'll audit and propose improvements for an area of our game.
  • Full interview:
    • 1-hour design pairing session to extend the work you did on the take-home.
    • Three 45-minute discussions with the team including a walkthrough of your past work, and practical discussions of your approach to design, and collaboration.
    • 30-minute co-founder Q&A.
    • References and offer.