Community Manager, Part-Time

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We’re looking for an experienced part-time community manager to help grow and maintain our community as we approach the launch of our game.

Hidden Door is a game technology studio building the first narrative AI — a platform that transforms any work of fiction into an infinite social roleplaying experience, bringing together players, authors and other creators.

Role overview

We’re looking for a part-time community manager to execute our community marketing strategy, providing regular feedback from the community, and crafting regular social & Discord communications that represent us and our brand to the world.

This is a growth role at the intersection of community and marketing. In your first 30 days you’ll take lead on growing and engaging our Discord community as we conduct playtesting, working closely with our heads of marketing and product.

We're building a product that enables players to experience diverse stories and explore identities in a rich variety of worlds. A healthy, active, and creative community is vital for our players and our product to thrive.

Things you'll do:

  • Grow and maintain a healthy, engaged community in Discord.
  • Build relationships with key community members.
  • Interact with the community on social media and Discord.
  • Create and manage content.
  • Moderate user-generated content.
About you

We'd love to meet if you have:

  • Built and grown a community from the ground up.
  • Content creator and social media experience.
  • Experience with telling stories across multiple channels including Discord and TikTok.
  • Superlative writing skills and the ability to produce livestreamed and recorded video content.
  • Experience reaching diverse audiences in gaming, academia, or fandoms.
  • A proven ability to build relationships with community and influencers.
  • Used data to inform community and marketing tactics.
  • A strong point of view on industry standards and best practices to drive healthy, engaged communities.

And it'd be ideal if you also have:

  • Worked on, and have opinions about games.
  • A love of storytelling and games, of any type.
  • Worked on products involving machine learning and/or data-informed product development.
Other things to know
  • We're a small, fully remote international team, focused on North American and Western European time zones.
  • The whole team meets up quarterly IRL, often internationally, for planning and fun. Recently we've been to New Orleans and Lisbon! Expect adventure 🚀
  • We're flexible about working hours and trust you to bring your best. Both co-founders have young children and we are committed to a healthy, balanced life.
  • This is a startup 😉 We're building a company together as much as we are building a game together, and we want your help.
  • We value curiosity, creativity, and diverse perspectives.
  • We strongly encourage candidates from under-represented or non-traditional backgrounds to apply.
  • 🏠 Fully remote team and culture
  • 🥇 Competitive salary
  • 🙈 No NFTs or crypto
How to apply

Please apply here! It will ask you to provide a resume or LinkedIn profile, tell us a bit about yourself, and share a story about something you've built that you're proud of and how it makes you a good fit for this opportunity. If you run into any issues, just email us.