Meet Varsity Ryan, Community Manager

June 28, 2023by Amber Cook and Varsity Ryan

Varsity joined Hidden Door this month as our Community Manager. Some of her other projects in gaming include working as community staff for WCKD and working on Talewind's Roblox games. We're excited to have her on the team, and she's already doing a great job improving our Discord server so go say hi there!

Tell us about a game you love?

I love plenty of games, but if I had to pick one it would be Project Zomboid, for sure. Project Zomboid mixes adventure, survival, cooking, fashion, and plenty more into one game and they’re all aspects that I love. Not to mention the developers are awesome, too. They created a real passion project and it shows through the gameplay. It’s such a detailed game and is a massive source of inspiration for me as somebody who produces games.

What's exciting to you about the intersection of AI and games?

Machine learning has been a part of gaming for a long time and I think has been under-appreciated for a long time, too. Until recently, a lot of people were unaware of its uses and it’s cool to see it receiving positive attention and being used by many people on a daily basis.

If you were a D&D character, what would your moral alignment be?

Probably chaotic neutral.

What's something you're proud of creating?

I’ve created a lot of processes and other boring documents for plenty of people over the years, including myself, which have improved workflow and in turn, people’s lives a little bit which is always a nice feeling.

And for, um, research purposes, what’s your favorite snack food?

Looooove vegetarian sushi.

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